Friday, June 24
At 9pm last night I left to pick up DD13 from a youth group activity. When I walked in the door at 9:30pm my DS11 handed me the phone. It was my sweet mother in law(82) in a panic. Her bathroom was flooding with hot water and she couldn't tell where the water was coming from. I told her we would be right there and went to wake DH. He had fallen asleep putting the littles to bed. After waking from his stupor, he put his shoes on in the car as I lead footed it to her house. (This was the first time in 11 years he hasn't complained about my driving!)

When we pulled in he went to the road to turn off the main water line. I went into the house. Her hallway was flooded and the sink under the bathroom cabinet was spewing hot water at full blast. The cabinet was full of stream making it hard to see what I was doing but I managed to find the hot water valve. I tried turning it off but it wouldn't budge. I found that I could hold the hose up against the faucet and it slowed the leak to a trickle. The problem with this was I had to almost fold in half to hold it at the magic angle and the hose was HOT. I had mom explain the situation to DH outside. He had got to the main cut off at the road and found it buried in several inches of dirt. He was having to dig to get to it. At one point he gave up outside and came inside to see if he could help under the sink to no avail. The neighbor arrived then and they both headed back out to dig.
After finally getting the water turned off we dealt with clean up. Both bathrooms, bedroom closet and her hallway were flooded. We set out fans and pulled up the carpet in the closet. DH found rugs to put down on the tile so mom wouldn't slip stepping from the wet carpet to tile. Then we said our good-byes and went for the car. Oh, if it was so easy........
No keys. In the panic we lost our keys. We looked all over the house and the garage with no luck. With him armed with a flash light and me with my key chain light (with a weak battery resulting in a strobe light) we combed the yard to see if they had been dropped in the grass. No luck.
I dumped my purse three times and rechecked the house and the laundry basket of wet towels. Nothing. We remembered the neighbor having a tool bag. Mom called, and sure enough, he had them. Now we can go home. Wrong.
DH went to put the key in the ignition and it was covered in something gooey. We turned on the light and he said "It's chocolate!" I said "You hope!" It ended up being a melted blue M&M. (You can ask but I have no idea.) At that point, neither of us cared. We went back in to wash the keys and went home.

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