Tuesday, June 21

My bestie blessed me by taking my three littles to her house for the day. Thanks, C. I spent my morning getting a shopping plan together and pulling coupons. Then, my sis and I were off to Tom Thumb, Kroger  and Walmart.

Grand total of the day was $66.14-$3 oyno cat = $63.14
Total before coupons: $241.52
Saved 73%

Not bad for a days work. Here is what I got.

3 Carnation Breakfast
1 Prego sauce
2 Digiorno Pizza with desserts
2 gallons milk (not pictured)
1 dozen eggs (not pictured)
5 lbs sugar (not pictured)
3 Dial lotions
5 Perts
1 Reach dental floss
5 NYC eyeliners
2 NYC nail polish
2 NYC lipstick
1 dozen Kings Hawaiian bread
 (soooo didn't last long enough for a picture)
Total before coupons: $66.48
Total after coupons: $32.95
 Not pictured are 2 gallons of milk, carton of eggs, 5#s of sugar and a dozen Hawaiian Rolls the barely made it into the house before being devoured.

Tom Thumb
3 Mama Lucia's Meatballs
4 Toaster Strudels
8 Sure deodorants
5 Seattle coffees
Total before coupons and store card: $48.26
Total after coupons and store card: $6.24

6 Turkey Hill Teas
1 kibbles and Bits
5 Huggies wipes
1 John Frieda Root Lifter Foam
3 John Frieda Shampoo
3 John Frieda Conditioner
4 Pantene Shampoos
4 Pantene Conditioners
1 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
2 French's Mustard
2 Jolly Time popcorns
1 Ronzoni Pasta
1 Carmex chap stick
Total before coupons and store card: $126.78
Total after coupons and store card: $26.95
This trip might be considered an "extreme" trip because of the pantene purchases. I had my sis with me and we checked out separately and both did two transactions to get it for $0.99 each. There is a $3.00 on your next order catalina that prints when you buy 2. It might work if you purchase them all together but I didn't have time to check before I left so we did it separately. We also used a $3/2 MQ. 

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