Saturday, June 18
What a long day. We started off with DD13 going to the doctor. She has strep. Ugh. The two of us hit Kroger and Tom Thumb while we waited on her prescription to be filled. I spent more than I wanted to at Kroger but scored some free coffee and Kool-aid at Tom Thumb!

  At home the toddler trio was giving Dad a run for his money. It is no fun being inside all day but this is Texas. The heat index today was 108. We filled up their little pool in the backyard after dinner and they forgave us for their earlier captivity.
  Dad worked on listing some new title in the bookstore tonight. It has been really hard to find time to get any work done in the office lately. I can never decide what direction I should go, coupons, cleaning, business, laundry, shopping.......decisions,decisions.....
  The basic shell of the blog is done. I still have a lot of work to do before I send out links to everyone we know. It will happen though. I have faith!


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