Tuesday, July 5
 Farner's Books

Our family has owned and operated an online bookstore for the past eight years. We sell new and used books, music, and videos. It originally started out as a hobby and has grown into a full time operation. Having books all over the house has been a huge blessing. During our home school years it was a wonderful source of teaching material and kept our costs for curriculum at a minimum. All of our children have benefited from the experience it has provided throughout the years.
 We keep an average of 8,000 to 10,000 titles depending on how busy our schedule is at the time. When the kids are in sports or busy with school, etc we do not have as much time to add to our inventory. There is always a constant supply of new titles to add. Everyday there is a plethora of new and inexpensive inventory. We would be honored for you to take a look!

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