Friday, July 15
My little boys have been a handful lately. Their new favorite thing is to say "bad" words to each other. Thankfully, to their young minds this consists of one of them yelling "STUPID!" to the other. We have tried many things to stop this to no avail. Today, Aunt J was here and she said when she worked at a preschool they used naughty juice, aka white vinegar.
 I went to the laundry room to get the gallon jug of vinegar and matter of factly introduce our new rule. If you say ugly words you will have to taste the naughty juice. Sounded like a great plan. Right? Well, Aunt J asked if they wanted to smell it. They all took a big sniff and grimaced. Then, in all seriousness, N said STUPID. I guess he felt the need to say it one last time. Aunt J put a dab on his tongue and he looked up and said.......
Well, back to the drawing board. Any suggestions welcome.

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