Tuesday, July 5
  Leave it to PBS to kick start my ponderings. While watching Caillou's imaginings of life as an astronaut, with my littles, a thought hit me. The blessing of gravity. I have often thought not too fondly of gravity while on the scale, but thinking of it in a spiritual sense has enlightened me. Astronauts experience the thrill of weightlessness in space. I always envied the video clips of them floating weightlessly. It looks so fun. But what about when they have to leave the shuttle to make repairs or take samples. Can you imagine how much faith they have to have to leave the safety of the shuttle attached only to a cable. Only a cable to keep them from forever being lost in space.

 I think this speaks to where my heart is right now. One particular, really heavy, family circumstance has left me feeling "spaced out." I know there are dark and lonely days that come in this life. I know we are not promised an easy or a fair life. My emotions can quickly take me to a place of hopelessness. Was it all for nothing? Why is this happening? Where are you, God?
  Then, in His perfect timing he sends help. Help, in the form of friends, or letters, or even a silly PBS cartoon. He says "I'm here! I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. You are mine. You are tethered to me in perfect love, forever."
What a precious reminder!

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